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Community Support Staff


  • High school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Valid unrestricted driver’s license with a good driving record
  • Ability to lift and transfer at least 50 pounds
  • The ability to sit, bend, squat, reach, be agile, physically pursue individuals on foot and stand for several hours at a time
  • Must be able to read, write and verbally communicate in English and direct/respond to individual’s needs
  • Basic Computer Literacy Required


The ability to safely and effectively execute all Personal Control and Defensive Techniques

The ability to exercise good judgment and use common sense.

The ability to remain calm in crisis situations.

The ability to interact with a wide range of people with respect.

The ability to approach daily work from a person-centered vantage point.


  1.  Provides assistance with daily living skills when appropriate with respect and dignity.
  2.  Administers medication and completes documentation of same following procedures outlined in the
  3.    Operations Manual.
  4.  Completes training and documentation with individuals to achieve Individualized Service Plan (ISP) goals.
  5. Accurately completes all in-house documentation including but not limited to Vehicle Log, Individualized Service Plan (ISP) tracking, Antecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC) forms, Unusual Incident Reports/General Event Records (UIRs/GERs), Critical Information Log, Medication Administration Incident Report (MAIR), and Monthly reports.
  6. Successfully completes required residential training including but not limited to: CPR and First Aid; Medication Administration; Preventing Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation; Shifting Expectations, Life Experience, and Services; In House Orientation;  Crisis Management;  New Hire Orientation; Life Threatening Emergencies (Danielle’s Law); Stephen Komninos’ Law; and Corporate Compliance.
  7.  Accompanies individuals to and from appointments and activities.
  8.  Builds a support network between the individuals and community members.
  9.  Encourages and ensures that individuals maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable environment providing   assistance as appropriate.
  10.  Participates in Circle(s) of Support for personal futures planning.
  11.  Works with each individual’s treatment team, Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) and all other interested parties to  build self-esteem and social capital for each individual served.
  12.  Operates all types of agency vehicles, in any condition, at any point during shift.
  13.  Attends conferences, seminars and training relevant to the specific needs of the individuals served.
  14.  Completes all duties as assigned by the Support Manager.


Fulfillment of the job responsibilities takes place in the residence and in the community.

Work is reviewed by the supervisor according to the policies of ALLIES INC.  This review includes such things as random site visits, systematic assessments, and employee evaluations.

Community Support Staff must be able to train individuals with disabilities in public environments, exercise patience, work with a flexible schedule and respond to crisis situations.

On certain occasions it may be necessary for you to work at a different location other than your home base  this is a requirement of your employment.

The position also requires the full use of good judgment and common sense during daily affairs, whether at or away from the residence.  Professional communication and appropriate language, whether written or oral, is essential in everyday activities.  This communication may be with any person involved in the life of the individuals living in the home.  Ingenuity and creativity must be utilized when determining the best training methods, assistance and supports for an individual.

It is not the intent of this job description to cover all of the duties and responsibilities of the position.

The aforementioned are some of the important areas of responsibility and are intended to convey a general understanding of the position

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